Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here are some of my recent bermet acquisitions.

While in Europe, Stanley realized that caffeine can be ingested more expediently when taken in the form of espresso. So homemade espresso (and cappuccino) is our latest thing, requiring me to shop (YAY!) for all the equipment and supplies to make and serve it: a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker as specifically recommended by several friends, some demitasse spoons, a $1.99 milk frother from IKEA, and espresso cups. And of course when I saw these bermet cups for a good price, I snagged them. They came in a set of six in this fabulous bermet box, which looks darker in real life:

While in France I bought this bermet hat:

And behind the cups in the first picture is a piece of art I picked up from an art show last night. The title of the show was "Peep Show" and it was mostly burlesque, artsy pornography. One of the exhibits (or whatever you want to call it) was a "Glory Hole". For $5 you could reach your hand into it. I had no intention of doing this until I learned that someone on the other side hands you a piece of art. Yes, I'll take a real, bona fide piece of art for $5. And out came something bermet ("Buck", print 4 of 12). I lead a charmed life.

Late edit: I almost forgot one of my favorite new bermet items.

I got them last week in preparation for a High Heel Party, the object of which is to bring your most fabulous pair of heels and put them on when you arrive. If you wore them on the way to the party, you would get frostbite, hence the stipulation. I didn't have any fabulous heels and these, being bermet, fairly screamed at me when I stopped by Payless. Yes, Payless!!! I love them and I hope to wear them often once it gets warmer.

And when I bought the milk frother at IKEA, I picked up some potpourri as well (the one in the back, naturally).

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Laura said...

Mnnmmm...Bermet...I want to eat something that is Bermet...