Thursday, November 6, 2008

Procrastination Blogging

Hi all. I haven't blogged in a while, blah blah blah. I briefly considered live-blogging the election returns but a) I was hosting an election party so it would have been rude to be blogging the whole time and b) I was pretty stressed out about the election so I needed to keep my thoughts to myself else risk losing my mind and c) I figured you could use a little less live-blogging in your life. The election went well, don't you think? If I could just stop my eyes from welling up every time I read about it or remember the moment the results were announced or see someone else crying about it, that would be nice. The thing that always gets me is seeing the first-family-elect all on stage, reminding me of the Kennedys. I love that we get a chance to start fresh every four years. It gives one hope.

Here are some photo memories from election night. Most of the partygoers:

Here are more attendees, demonstrating that old mantra, "Speak no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil". They got it right in the next photo but I thought this one was funnier. I purposefully hurried them so they would be more likely to make a mistake and my plan worked perfectly:

I'm leaving for a conference in Washington, DC a week from tomorrow (Friday). I have to have my presentation poster to the printer by Wednesday, and I haven't really started on it yet. Plus I don't have great confidence that the data looks good. Also need to do a lot of reading so that I can pretend to know the latest stuff about the topic. On top of that I've just come down with the flu, which has sapped all my energy. Right now I probably feel a little bit like the chimp on the segway (4.5 minutes but even in my weakened state I found myself clapping so it must be good):

So, what better time to blog than right now, when I really shouldn't be blogging?

After the conference I'll be visiting with my cousins who live in the area, and my sisters Janis*/Chicken Lady* and Jasmine*/Squiggley Worm* along with Janis/Chicken Lady's husband Grover* are flying out from CA so it will be a reunion of sorts.

Then comes Thanksgiving, when Stanley and I were planning to have a visit from Stanley's parents, but Mrs. Spupspe's knee is giving her some trouble, so they might have to cancel. Then comes Christmas. Hmmm? What's that you asked? What are our Christmas plans? Monty, show them what's behind door #2.


A TRIP TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and possibly also France).


We had planned this trip even before the election but since the country has shown itself to be capable of electing an accomplished, even-handed person to lead the country, we don't have to pretend to be from Canada when we go abroad. So I'm even more excited about it now.

Okay, must work.

*Names changed and multiplied.