Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peachy's First Camping Trip

Peachy had his first camping experience this weekend, and Blueberry had her 6th or so. Stanley and I had our 60-somethingth. It consisted of (but was not limited to):

  • high winds
  • lots of rain
  • oppressive heat
  • abundant sunshine
  • mosquitoes
  • dangling inchworms
  • butterflies
  • a ladybug
  • bumblebees
  • a hammock or two
  • the biggest tarp ever
  • good friends
  • good food
  • wine in the shower
  • general fun
  • periodic laughter

Now the kids are in bed, the camping stuff is unpacked, the laundry is going, and I should be showering but instead I am blogging. Dumb dumb dumbity dumb.

The hammocks were a hit with the kids, as always, and featured prominently in photo shoots.

Blueberry enjoyed swinging with her friends, whose pseudonyms escape me.

(That white pebbly thing is a yogurt-covered cranberry.)

Peachy spent a lot of time as a joey this weekend. He enjoeyed it. Ho ho ho. Here he is with our friend Kate*.

Our friend Lucy* with another of Blueberry's friends.

Enjoey your week! I.e., put your week in a skin pocket on your belly.

Who needs a good night's sleep? I do!

*Names changed.