Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Deck

We built a deck in the back yard. Here is a before picture:

About six weeks ago Stanley and Jorge took a sledgehammer to the back steps, and then 3 weeks ago Stanley and his dad finished the destruction with a jackhammer.

The day after the jackhammer, we used a very large hand tool and a bunch of scientists to dig 48" post holes. We decided "Ph.D." stands for "post-hole digger".

Posts in the ground:

Cement poured and headers in place (the front and back headers would eventually be lowered but were placed higher to facilitate the posts setting properly in the cement):

Headers positioned and joists installed:

Steps built and most of the decking boards attached:

All done!

Just needs some furniture, barriers, plants on and around it, etc. I love it! Tell me you love it too! It's so nice to walk up the steps and open the door without having to worry about falling back down the steps or trying negotiate the stair rail. I can't wait to get it all set up and looking livable. I think it ended up being just the right size for the house, yard, and for what we plan to put on it.

About this post: Let me know if the layout or image size or whatever needs to be improved. Upon checking it, I think the photos could be bigger and scrolling through all those photos and text is a bit awkward. Also I know some photos are centered and some are left-justified. I'm too lazy to fix it.

Good night!


mjb said...

Awesome deck!

But where is the Scrabble?

Jeff ;-) said...

Stanley did a fine job. I shall have to come try out the deck some time this summer.

Lois Rosewood said...

Congratulations on the deck! You are an inspiration to all the deck-building wannabees!