Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ow! :( Sympathy Please.

My hip hurts a lot when I walk. It has hurt for two or three weeks but it is getting worse. I stayed home from work yesterday, and Stanley surrounded me and my chair with everything I needed and wanted for the day before he left for work. I sat in the chair all day except for eating and bathroom breaks. Either it didn't help, or I shouldn't have taken that one trip up the stairs to get a Phillips screwdriver to assemble Blueberry's mobile (Fisher Price N8849):

("Mobile": Is that ironic?)

So since I'm not better, it looks like today will be another day of sitting. It really sucks not to be able to tool around the house. I am kind of running out of things that can be done while sitting. Yesterday, in addition to assembling the mobile, I Skyped with Jasmine* and showed her all the fun stuff I've been making for the nursery. I am really excited about it and can't wait to show all y'all, but I would have to do a lot of hobbling around to take pictures, and I'd rather just show you pictures of the nursery when it's done. Other things I did yesterday: made some fabric liners for a set of three little baskets (sized small, smaller, and ittybitty), put a bunch of Blueberry's clothes, towels, etc. in a bag so they can be laundered (wish the machine was not in the basement, or they could already be clean). :( :( I am not happy about this. Everything was going so great. I know this is par for the course with pregnancy but I would rather have more pain somewhere else if it meant I could at least walk around. I have been taking my mobility for granted up until now.

My plan for today:
  • Get a phone call from my boss to discuss some data and maternity leave.
  • Make a fabric "saddle" and mane and tale ribbons for a rocking horse in the nursery.
  • Write some letters, such as to Aunt Martha.
  • Start filling in Blueberry's baby book with family history, baby shower details, etc.
  • Mani-pedi
  • Write up a birth plan. We got some helpful tips on that at Monday's birth class. Oh, did I tell you we're taking a birth class? Every Monday night for five weeks. Two sessions down, three to go.
  • Make pumpkin bread for a church potluck tonight. I'm using this recipe. Stanley put a stool up to the counter, and most of the ingredients and tools are out, so I can sit and make it. I know I'm trying to stay off my hip, but I have to go to the potluck because I have to get sympathy for my hip.
Hey did I mention my hip hurts and I can't walk much? Yeah.

Update: I talked to the doctor today, took some Tylenol, got a massage from Stanley, did some stretching, and I feel much better. Still painful, but manageable.


Amacrine said...

I sympathize. I had no recourse but to continue with work and errands (see blog regarding marriage license), so I envy your time off. However, I found rest made no difference, just time. It got worse before it got better, but I have had much less pain this week than the prior 4 weeks. Again, sorry you have to go through it. Distathi

Hazel Spupspe said...

I feel bad that I had forgotten that you complained of the very same thing. You even mentioned that you could barely stand but were still forced to run around and do errands. That sounds like me, except I was lucky enough to choose to do nothing for two days to see if it helped (it didn't). It probably slipped my mind because you didn't explicitly beg for sympathy several times like I did. I'm glad to know that you have less pain now, for your sake as well as for my sanity. The thing that really gets me upset is the thought of the possibility that this could be with me permanently, or even just for any amount of time after the baby is born. How can I take care of her if I can't walk? The things I take for granted, I tell ya. Trinest.

Amacrine said...

I know. I figured it would just keep getting worse until I was bedbound (which made it hurt even more), but it has steadily improved as long as I don't walk too fast or for too long. I only have the pain right after waking up or if I try to use my hips to change position in bed. SO there is hope!! Unceur