Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Chunk of July

I haven't blogged in a while because there's a lot of little things going on in my life that I want to write about and the task seems overwhelming considering that I have a lot of other little things I'd also like to be doing. But writing to you makes me feel good so I told myself I would break it down into chunks. Maybe even just one chunk. This means it will be incomplete. For example, I don't plan to mention any sewing because I don't have any photos ready, and this bugs me because I am still really excited about my sewing experimentations. Anyway, let's begin.

On a walk around the lake, Blueberry and I saw a black-headed night heron. First time I ever remember seeing one.

I love butterflies and try to take pictures of them when I can.

We went camping a couple of weeks ago.

Blueberry got her first professional portraits taken at Penney's. It was a good experience and I like the pictures but I'm highly interested in tackling the portraits myself next time, to save money and stress and to allow more time and creativity. Here are some of the low-res screen grabs that I couldn't help but steal from the Penney's website. I put some of them on Shutterfly and ordered 4X6's and, not surprisingly, they look pretty grainy. I may still try for some wallets because why not?

Hey look, another butterfly.

Blueberry is sitting up well now for 10-15 minutes at a time. Here is video of the second time she sat up for a good length of time.

And we've started giving her solid food now and then. Here is the first official "meal", which is actually a highly stylized and over-produced ceremonial event. Stanley's dad remarked that I should have given her more food or just put all the food in front of her and let her go for it but I saw no need for that at this point. It was the only chance I had to film her with her first food so I wanted it to be special. Time got away from me so it's over 4 minutes long (another complaint from Mr. Spupspe) so you might want to take a bathroom break before you watch it. Also, it's not messy, so don't get your hopes up. Still want to watch it?

Do you like how I displayed the avocado as a visual aid? You're welcome.
Since then I've offered her banana several times, which she always spits out, and I let her lick other fruit when I'm eating it, which she grimaces when she tastes but always comes back for more. We're going to start offering her sweet potatoes as well pretty soon. She doesn't seem to need solid food right now but we're letting her practice for when she does need it.
I've got sewing project photos on the camera right now so maybe I'll post some of them soon. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!


Lois Rosewood said...

Really really cute! You put a lot into a blog post that was "incomplete"! Great JC Penney photos, and the videos were fun to watch. She seemed to like the avocado.

I liked the "tent at the end of the rainbow"!

Anonymous said...

4 munutes not too long at all.
Thomas Birthday party is this comming Saturday. His actual day is 13.