Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Space, Less Space

Stanley is leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for a 5-day canoe fishing trip to the Boundary Waters.  Seven other guys are going. The fishing is supposed to be amazing. Hope he takes lots of pictures. We used to go backpacking all the time and I am a little envious watching him load up his backpack. 

Just noticed he's got an ax. I'll have to ask him what that's for. Not that I don't trust him.

I'm looking forward to backpacking with the Blueb when she is older.

So Blueberry and I will be on our own for a few days. When I was a naive youth I thought being a single mom would be preferable to being married. One less variable to deal with, is how I reasoned. Now I wonder how women do it on their own. Stanley kindly prepped several dinners for us that require me only to preheat the oven, place dinner in the oven, and take it out before it burns. So we won't go hungry. So I guess the rest is just a matter of keeping busy but not too busy. 

Blueberry slept until 6:00 this morning. She hasn't done that in months. Maybe over a year. It was wonderful. I'm pretty sure the cat woke her up - he was agitated because we were "sleeping in". Meowing, walking in and out of our room and probably her room as well. Anybody want a cat? He's great.

I just went back through this entry and corrected the spacing. A couple of months ago, I was rather shocked to learn that the proper number of spaces after a period is one, not two. But I'm so used to using two spaces that I have to be thinking about it when the sentence ends or my thumb just automatically taps twice. In my high school freshman year typing class, I was instructed to use two spaces, so that's how I've done it ever since. Then I saw an article that said one space is the rule. And that was even the rule back then, when my teacher told us to use two spaces, but it just hadn't reached my teacher yet. What I can't believe is that this never came to my attention until now. All those grants I had to write in grad school where space was at a premium, and I'm throwing an extra space between every sentence. The horror. The horror.


Tanya Cothran said...

Just think of how much time you'll save with only typing one space! Which cat was it? I might be willing to take one of your great cats ;)

Giggles Murkowski said...

What the?! I've been putting two spaces after every sentence!!! Since typing class in high school. DOH!!! This is just terrible, just terrible!!!