Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today's Theme: Black

I finally got around to my Paint It Black project. All of the items are yard sale finds. The two lamp bases were originally white; I plan to put them in the bedroom. When I bought the bench last year, it was emerald green with the original white showing through the brush strokes; I think it was supposed to look shabby chic, but it was more like shabby shitty, plus it had other random paint drips on it since we used it to reach the tops of the walls when we did our move-in painting. I'm thinking perhaps the bedroom for the bench, but if that doesn't work there are a million other places I could put it. And the barstools will go in the kitchen. I ran out of paint in the middle of the second stool. I thought two cans would be enough for everything.

We have blackberries growing behind the garage, and the first ones ripened a couple of days ago. Based on the way they cluster, and their size, I think they might be wild blackberries as opposed to the garden variety. HA! Garden variety! I'm punny. The center one always ripens first. Aren't they cute? They taste pretty good.

We get about 5 or 6 berries per day; not enough to make jam or a pie, unless we freeze them, and then what's the point of having fresh berries? So we thought of how we could use them, and I suggested, we could throw them on a salad. Weeee, fun. Then Stanley had a better idea: make blackberry-infused vodka.

I love the color. We're going to throw in more berries as we get them. It should be ready in about a week, at which time we'll filter out the berries and chill it. I'll let you know how it tastes.


mjb said...

Great idea, Stanley!

Amacrine said...

Agreed! I made cranberry vodka last winter and it was fabu. I hope yours turns out as well. And also, I have finally remembered to read you blog again and have seriously considered starting my own. About lists (again), because I NEED them.