Monday, July 13, 2009

A Puzzle Wrapped in a Conundrum Wrapped in a Tortilla

I'm trying to figure out how to use our rooms in the best way once Blueberry arrives. I'm kind of confused. Could you help?

We have 4 bedrooms, 2 upstairs and 2 on the main floor, and a ~12 X 20 finished basement. Here is how they are currently being used:

Upstairs 1: Master
Upstairs 2: Dressing room
Main Floor 1: Guest room
Main Floor 2: Entryway/mud room, shoe dump, litter boxes
Basement: Work desk, craft storage, plus 2 adorable loveseats that would be destroyed by cats anywhere else.

We plan to move the litter boxes to the 2nd floor landing as necessary, and could get dressed in the master bedroom, like normal people.

My sister Jasmine* suggested, and I agree, that there should be a baby sleeping/changing area both downstairs and up.

So do we set up two separate dedicated nurseries? Two cribs, two changing tables, two rocking chairs? Do we use the guest room as one of the sleeping/changing areas? The guest room is a little nicer than the mud room but with a little work (paint, a nicer area rug) I think the mud room could compete. It's not a mudroom, it's a bedroom, but it's near the back door and has an extra door on the other side, so it's a convenient dumping area and a way to get to the rest of the house, so it has become an entryway. But it doesn't need to be.

The guest room is more convenient to the living room, where we spend a lot of time, but that would make it less quiet I suppose. On the other hand, we usually enter through the back door, which is right off the mud room door, so if Blueberry is sleeping, that might wake him/her up.

It would be nice to keep a dedicated guest room as long as possible. But other options for guests are the basement (a little musty but otherwise pleasant and well lit) and the living room (well stocked bar).

So is there a clear answer? What would that be? Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

*Names changed.


Julie said...

But what about the Tortilla?

Hazel Spupspe said...

Oops! Forgot to incorporate a tortilla. I blame the pregnancy.

Could everyone who comments please tell me what word verification characters you have to type in to leave a comment, so I can add it to the baby name list? The one for this comment is "Subisedo". Subisedo Mitchell. Interesting. Maybe for a middle name.

Hazel Spupspe said...

My sister Jasmine's comment, sent via email, reprinted by permission.

"My suggestion is to set up the baby and you downstairs just to start. Both of you and the baby in the downstairs guest bedroom. This may only last one, or a couple weeks or so, but think of just having a baby and going up and down stairs either holding the baby or just up and down stairs just after having a baby. (ouch!) Middle of the night feedings, or fussy times, you are right there for the kitchen, couch, tv, music, walking and bouncing. A person perhaps needing to sleep can be not disturbed upstairs while all the amenities are downstairs for being awake with the baby.
Any visiting guests during that time could use the master bedroom, or even a mattress (or whatever) in your dressing room.
When things calm down, you're feeling comfortable with the little bundle, and you get your routine going, move the baby up to your master bedroom (or dressing room if baby is sleeping good and you can hear him ok). and just have a movable/travel (?) bed downstairs. One that you can easily move from the living room to either the mud room or guest room depending on what's going on. Mudroom if you are hanging out on the deck listening for baby, or in the guestroom if you are hanging out in the living room.
Or.. even napping in the living room with y'all. Being able to sleep with just a bit of noise (tv or regular talking) is a plus!
Perhaps a dresser, designated area, or cute basket downstairs for baby stuff. You can just have wipes and diapers etc in the basket, grab it for the deck or couch!
you'll probably get extra diaper bags for gifts though...?
[Daniel] and [Tamara] [her son and daughter-in-law] have some drawers in their living room coffee table, and they kept diapers and wipes in them!
When they are so small, changing will happen wherever in the living room. Couch, on your lap, or floor.... I wouldn't buy 2 changing tables. Start out with the changing table in the room that you and baby are set up in.
Basically, I say keep it fluid and start out with the most comfortable set up for you and the baby. Change as needed. Pun intended.

It might work out that it's better if you stay downstairs longer if [Stanley] needs more sleep to go to work. Or, Perhaps when he gets up to get ready for work it wakes the baby in the master bedroom?"

Amacrine said...

Hi Hazel,

I have no answers. When my sister's first baby was born, she left him with me the second night of his life and went to bed. I was TERRIFIED that I was going to knock his head in the doorways as we navigated the night. I have a similar fear of stairs and falling down them cradling a baby. I like your sister's idea and would probably use it myself if I had stairs. Good luck, "vityros" is my word