Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Facts

Lots on my mind. I guess the most prominent thing on my mind is the fact that we just had the first ultrasound and we found out that Blueberry is a GIRL!!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I had been wanting a girl but expecting a boy. So I was bound to either get my wish or have my intuition validated. Either way, that's good. Stanley had been expecting a girl until we were actually undergoing the ultrasound, when something about the ultrasound tech's behavior led him to think maybe it was a boy. We asked her not to tell us at the time, and have her put the gender-relevant images in an envelope, and we took the envelope with us to one of our favorite restaurants, and opened it just after the waiter brought the salads. It was quite a moment. I wish you could have been there. Fun Fact: Both Stanley and I had blueberries in our meals, just by sheer coincidence. Or, the chef at Muffuletta on Como Ave. in Saint Paul, whose name is Jason, puts blueberries in everything. But that would still be a nice coincidence.

Here are some of the ultrasound images of Blueberry. If anything is unclear, and you want me to show you where stuff is, I could draw it on the images and email it to you. I don't have much going on work-wise these days. Unfortunately the tech was not able to get a whole-body image. So please enjoy the following body parts.

First, her nose and upper lip, and upper teeth buds.

Tilt your head to the left. It's a very small part of the image, between the two largest dark blobs, and looks like a spinning top, laying on it's side, with the top of the top on the left, which is her nose, then the middle of the top in the middle, which is her upper lip with some barely visible teeth buds below that, then the sharp point of the top on the right, which is I don't know what. Her chin? Her uvula?

Well that was fun.

Here is her leg!

It looks really strong, which is partly what led Stanley to think it was a boy. Heh heh heh. Her thigh is the big blotchy rectangle in the middle, her knee is bent, and her calf hangs down from the left side of the rectangle.

Her heart (and lungs?).

The large roundish thing that is offset to the right is her lungs, I believe, and her heart is nestled inside it. You can make out the four chambers of her heart. Stanley was very impressed by the resolution demonstrated here. We could see it beating. Yay. :)

Her hands! And a forearm! The tech said she is pointing with one hand and sticking up her ring and middle fingers of the other hand. Try it. It's not as easy as it looks.

Her foot. It's tiny, right in the center of the image. You might have to click on the image so it will zoom in.

Fun Fact: I love baby feet. I always touch babies' feet when I'm near them, and they always pull away. I'm going to touch my baby's feet all the time so she gets used to it. Unless she fusses at me, in which case I will stop.

Her brain!!! Can't wait to fill it with Fun Facts.

The tech said everything looked good and healthy. She doesn't have the final word. But I feel pretty confident in her judgment.

I left out the gender-relevant images because I would like to preserve Blueberry's modesty. She will thank me when she's old enough to browse the internet.

I know that there are pluses in having either a girl or a boy, and if it had turned out to be a boy, I would probably be excited about that, too. It is the case, however, that one of my long-shot desires, right up there with having an ocean-view home and a live-in masseuse/maid/chef, is to have 3 or 4 girls, and no boys. This is silly, I know. It's all based on a picture I saw in a magazine of a mom and her four lovely teenage daughters sitting on their front steps. Little did those people know the effect their smiles and perfect clothes would have on my life's ambition. But I would be happy with a boy. I really would. I'm happy with Stanley, and he is a boy, after all.

The big thing with the gender reveal is that we KNOW and we can move forward with name choosing, clothes buying, and nursery decorating. The nursery decor was already planned with a neutral theme in mind, which I should share with you at some point, but it's just nice to be able to accessorize with items that don't land dead-center on the gender stereotype continuum.

Here is a picture of my belly, taken this past weekend. It's bigger than it was 20 weeks ago, but it's not that impressive at this point. However, I think it is just about to pop out prominently. So think of this as a before picture.

My friend Amacrine*, who was visiting from Texas, and is also pregnant, joined me for the photo. She also posted this photo on her blog, so I hope she doesn't mind that I copied her. She's five weeks ahead of me. Actually, Fun Fact: the ultrasound tech said it looked like the baby is 5 days older than I thought. She could be wrong, and I could be wrong. But if she's right, then Amacrine is only four weeks ahead of me. So it's even more possible that we could go at the same time. Exciting!!

I've been taking a belly picture weekly for the past 4 weeks. I'm glad I started when I did, because I didn't start to show until maybe this week.

This is already getting kind of long but here's another Fun Fact: I'm feeling kind of daunted about picking names. Here are the problems:

1. No name sounds perfect.
2. How can one person name another person???
3. There are thousands of names and they all crowd each other out.
4. Should we go with a popular name or a unique name?

Here's my strategy: I've made an Excel spreadsheet with a list of possible first names. We'll worry about middle names after we've narrowed it down to 1-3 first names. We'll keep adding to the list as necessary, and there is a column for Stanley to rate a name 1-10 for how much he likes it, and another column for me. I'll hide the other person's column so as not to bias things. The third column will be the average of our ranking, and the fourth the standard deviation (so as to avoid choosing a "7" over a "6" when perhaps the "7" is highly disliked by one of us, and highly liked by another, whereas we both gave the "6" a rating of "6").

Before rating a name, we each have to say the name out loud to ourselves three times, but not three times in a row; there needs to be some time between each verbalization. We should imagine the name being yelled from across the street, being whispered, and being announced (first and last names) as the CEO of a major company, and as a famous Broadway actor. If she wants to go into something we don't approve of, she's just going to have to deal with having an inappropriate name for that profession. Then, simply rate the name 1-10. What could be easier.

Fun Fact: Gotta pee.

*Names changed.


Amacrine said...

I'm glad to see you here again. So, are we in a race now? You are catching up. The pics are great! I completely understand about the names. What to do? There's always Upsayna. It let me post this.

Hazel Spupspe said...

Thank you, Amacrine, for Upsayna. I will consider it. In exchange, I suggest my word verification, "Myteepi". I can't think of any way her schoolmates could make a joke out of that.