Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tea for Fifteen

I got on here to post an entry and saw that my friend Amacrine (blackbirdnight) just posted on her blog, so it's going to look like I'm copying her. But I can't let that stop me. First things first. The belly:

Blueb is good, kicking up a storm on occasion, and getting hiccups every few days, which is cute. She's this big (the coin is a quarter):

And she can blink her eyes.

I had a wonderful shower this past Sunday. It was a tea party. Stanley's mom came up from Texas for the occasion. I got to use my wedding china and silver, try out some great teas, and gnosh on fabulous finger food. Plus I hung out with some lovely ladies, who gave me terrific, thoughtful gifts. Here are some photos from the event.

Approximately two-thirds of the guests. My friend Tori*, who hosted the shower, is second from the left:



Each guest decorated a onesie for me with fabric paint.

The finished products:

Stanley and our friend Bob* admiring the artwork after the shower.

Everyone gave me a favorite children's book, and described why they liked it. Here's me explaining why Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses is my favorite. I can't explain my facial expression.

I felt so blessed and grateful to have had such a wonderful baby shower. I'm in the middle of thank you notes now.

Also on the to-do list, just because I like to list my to-do list:
  • Take video of my cat Sappho playing dead, and put it on Youtube
  • Xerox Stanley's genealogy, which his mom brought with her on her visit. It's a rich source of baby names.
  • Work more on baby names
  • Start filling in Blueberry's baby book
  • Buy birth announcements
  • Wash new diapers 5 times to get them fluffy and absorbent
  • Give myself a haircut
  • Continue working on the nursery (it's prepped for painting, Stanley is going to paint this weekend, and I've got a bunch of fabric for curtains, pillows, etc. Can't wait to show you photos.)
  • Put out the trash
  • Fix all the clocks in the house. They are all off by a little bit one way or the other.
Oh hey, the World Series is on. That kind of crept up on me this year. Yankees/Phillies, huh? Interesting.

*Names changed.

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Amacrine said...

I love the onesie idea! And you finally look a little pregnant. Your party looks like it was a great time.