Friday, January 8, 2010

Pour Yourself a Cup of Tea and Listen to Hazel Ramble

It's currently -1 F in Saint Paul, with a wind chill of -15. The cats are doing what they can to stay warm.

I finished everything on my list yesterday (Yaaay!) except making cookie dough and working on the mudroom. I don't know what my deal is with the cookies. Just make them already. Perhaps I'm putting it off because I ordered 2 sets of 3 stackable cooling racks from Amazon the day before yesterday, which will be a great space saver while baking, allowing me to make way more cookies at a time, and I'd like to be able to use them sooner rather than later. This morning Amazon emailed me to say that it would be shipped (or arrive?) on the 20th. But I can't wait that long, and neither can Blueberry. Or who knows, maybe we can.

With the mudroom, I ran into issues with studs and the lack thereof. But Stanley (himself a stud) helped me figure it out when he got home so I will work on it today. Maybe.

Yesterday I set up the sewing machine and read through the manual. Now I theoretically know how to use it. But there is no substitute for hands-on experience so today I'm going to grab some thread and fabric and see what happens. Here's something I'm adding to the overly-long list of things I want to sew:

It's a bed caddy that is attached by tucking it into the mattress. This particular one is by Ann Gish, costs $65, and I saw it in House Beautiful. I plan to spend way less than $65 on my homemade caddy. I like this idea because it will unclutter the nightstand, and if I should happen to make the bed, you won't see it or the stuff in it. The only issue I have is that the fact that I want it makes me feel kind of old; it's definitely something my mom would have bought if she came across it. I'll do my best to make it look young and hip. Maybe I'll use a skull-and-crossbones fabric. Excellent. So hip.

Thanks to Tanya and Louise for your comments yesterday, and also Lotus* (my sister) for her stealth comment via email. Louise, I'm intrigued about making fitted diapers out of prefolds. I guess fitteds hold leaks better than prefolds? I for sure don't have the sewing skills to do that right now but maybe I will learn quickly. Now more than ever, I'm hoping Blueberry waits until well past her due date (but not too long of course) so that I have a lot of time to learn. But would I really take advantage of the extra time? That wouldn't be like me.

Tanya and Lotus, thank you for suggesting Spirit in Action and The Center for Nonviolent Communication as organizations our church could support. I'm going to bring this up to the group. I think it's an interesting coincidence that you two work for similar organizations. My church supports a variety of charities of different types, but I don't think we currently donate to peace- and justice-oriented groups; that might be a good void to fill.

I feel like doing a little spring cleaning and I am wondering if anyone would suffer if I deleted The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks from the list of blogs I like. They update several times per day and once you've seen a few misuses of quotation marks, you kind of get the idea of what's out there. This is to be contrasted with Cake Wrecks, which is more likely to surprise me. So, I'm deleting the quotes blog. On a similar note, I am thinking of changing the look of this blog a little; mainly just the banner at the top to something I enjoy looking at rather than the peacock with the somewhat self-deprecating alliteration.

*Name changed.

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