Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Blues... in birds, not moods or musical genres. Today's entry features birds with blue feathers. I do have some other ideas of what to write to you about besides birds, but bird entries are just more likely these days because I tend to be sitting on the sofa when I'm at my computer, and a bird I've been waiting for will stop by, and my camera is right there, so I take a shot at the bird, and then it's easy to just plug the camera into the computer and away I go with more bird blogging.

A blue jay arrived as he does every week or so. Just prior to his arrival, there was a massive evacuation of all sparrows and finches in the vicinity (usually those are the only birds in the vicinity). Then within seconds, in zooms the Godzilla of feeder birds. He's fast and heavy so he really gets the thing swinging when he lands on it. There are other birds as heavy or heavier, but they just hop around in the grass or hang out in the trees. I admire his audacity.

Speaking of hopping around in the grass, here is (I believe) a common grackle, which ironically, comes by rarely. I think he's neat-looking with his shiny dark blue neck and his piercing yellow eyes. He always shows up with a few of his friends.

Good lord it's gorgeous today. First sunny day in quite a while, and warmest in a while as well: upper 70s. Adding to my sense of how gorgeous the day is is the fact that I had spent the last few days prepping for a meeting this morning, and it's over, and it went okay, and I don't have to think about it again...except that we have another one this Tuesday. But whatever! Tonight I'm taking it easy.

I hope you are, too!

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