Friday, June 20, 2008

More Outside Stuff

Here's our new patio furniture. We like it.

Here's the herb and vegetable garden next to the garage that Stanley's mom planted in early May. The big bunch of stuff in the back is daylilies, which came up all on their own after the thaw, but Stanley's mom transplanted a few of them to bring them all together. Apparently they will bloom this summer? Right now it just looks like very thick blades of grass. And now the herbs. From left to right: tomato, tomato, lemon balm (smells awesome), rosemary in back and spearmint in front, serrano pepper, rosemary again, serrano pepper again, cilantro (with the tomato cage; it's like three feet tall, who knew?) and tomato again.
Not visible, but denoted by the tiny orange flag on the right half of the photo, is some basil that didn't make it through one of the last cold nights. It looked like it was going to bounce back, so I flagged it so we wouldn't accidentally bury it, but then it just totally gave up and died. But the nice thing about plants is, you can always go out and get another one. Which we did. Two, actually. Purple basil and spicy basil. They are doing pretty well.
I photographed them off center because another plant that you can barely see, if at all, is a clove of garlic that sprouted in the kitchen, so I shoved it in the ground last week. Since then, it appears unchanged. I think it's going to become compost.

This is a mosquito sucking blood out of my foot.
They were really ferocious a few nights ago, but tonight they are not too bad.

Have a great weekend! I've got lots of little home and yard projects planned, plus I scored on some yard sale items yesterday, so I should blog about all of this, but I have vowed not to spend too much time on the internet this weekend, so something has got to give.

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