Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Pile of Thoughts

No theme today. Just various updates on mostly unimportant things.

We had a couple of friends over for dinner, and they brought flowers. I LOVE them. It makes me want to bring amazing flowers every time I go to someone's house for dinner.

Here is my belly.

This is actually last week's photo, but I can't see any difference between this one and the one I took today. Actually, I think my belly looked smaller today than last week. So you get last week's. It seems to be growing kind of slowly, in my naive opinion. The ultrasound 3 weeks ago suggested that Blueb is slightly bigger than expected, if anything (but not outside of the norm). So she's not the problem. At church today, two people volunteered that I definitely have a belly now, and one of them said so upon seeing me across the yard. But another woman hadn't heard that I'm pregnant and when she learned this, and that I'm 24 weeks along, she said "Wow, I can't tell at all!" So I don't know.

We have a coffee problem.

Normally we have one opened one and one or two on standby, but things kind of got out of hand because we sometimes had to pick some up on the fly if we forgot to bring it with us for camping, and sometimes it would be on sale so Stanley would buy a couple. Also, I stashed it at various places in the kitchen so it wasn't clear how much we had until I called a coffee summit. Thirteen bags. And only one of them is decaf. And neither of us is supposed to be drinking much coffee.

And Dale, bless his heart, is driving me insane with constant meowing and pacing. Actually, it's only constant when I am in the kitchen, working. It's particularly maddening when I am trying to focus on a recipe. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. It's really tough to measure out 13 half-cups of flour when he's meowing and pacing. When I'm not in the kitchen, he stops. He has food and water. And cat grass. And plenty of time with me when I'm not in the kitchen. But when I'm on the sofa, he naps on the sofa table. No interest in me at all. I have tried throwing water in his face each time he meows, but on one occasion, I threw water at him 5 times in 10 minutes, and he was totally soaking wet, as was the floor and cabinets, but the meowing and pacing continued, and I don't believe it, but it was almost as if the water encouraged him. I don't get that at all.

So my plan is based on an internet search and consists of ignoring him when he's in the kitchen or meowing and paying extra attention to him when he's not. This has been our second full day of treatment. Ignoring him is rather difficult when he does things like jump on the counter and walk toward the stove when it's on, or jump on the refrigerator and push a glass vase toward the edge, but instead of reprimanding him, I quietly get him out of the situation and pretend like he's an inanimate object that I'm putting back in it's proper place. It's not working so far. But it took him years to develop this behavior so I'll try to be patient.

Ever since I saw an ad for Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 (APRTMSPF30), I have wanted it. It's a moisturizer, it evens out your skin tone, it makes your skin glow, and protects it from the sun.

Four products in one. My current moisturizer only moisturizes and protects from the sun. What a waste!! The APRTMSPF30 costs $15 for about 3 oz., which is four times more than I have ever paid for a beauty product. So I just tried to forget about it, but I couldn't. Then I went looking for it every time I went to Target or the grocery store, but sometimes they didn't have it, and if they had it, I lost the nerve to buy it. So I tried ebay, and on Monday, Sept 14th at 10:04 a.m., I outbid, outlived and outlasted 4 other bidders and got two bottles for $10 apiece, taking shipping into account. I was so jacked up when I won. I love winning. The lady that sold them had opened one and realized they were too light for her skin. So one of them was "used" but not really.

I put it on today for the first time and the same people that said they could definitely tell I was pregnant, made a point to tell me I was "glowing". Yay I finally have that glow. I don't plan to tell anyone it's artificial. Except you all, and you can keep a secret.

Dinner's ready. Hope you had a great weekend!

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