Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hazel Wears Blueberry

The greatest baby gear ever invented, besides the diaper, is the sling. Ever since I got pregnant I've been looking forward to carrying Blueberry in a sling. I have been trying to get the sling thing going for over a month. She seemed content and slept, but no matter how I adjusted her or the sling, she had her chin to her chest and her breathing didn't seem right: she grunted with each breath and I would have to hold her back to straighten out her windpipe. This eliminated the "hands-free" bonus of the sling. I endlessly tried shifting her position to get her body straightened out. She just slept through all of this every time; it's amazing what you can do to a sleeping baby.

I thought the problem might be that the sling was too small, so I ordered another one, adjustable, but same problem. I googled and googled and googled, and ladies and gentlemen, I finally figured out the solution. Since she's a newborn, she needs a towel rolled up like a scroll under her back and neck to keep it all straight and to raise her up so that she's near the top of the sling. Today is the day we tried that and FINALLY, she's in there safe and snug and happy. And not scrunched. Well, at least not more scrunched than she wants to be. I can put two fingers between her chin and chest.

And now I can do housework and Blueb can be with me all the time, instead of crying and asking me to hold her. I plan to use it sparingly; there are times when she will sleep just fine in her basket. I can't wait for Spring to get here so I can go for walks with her and take her to the mall and yard sales and the antique store and the zoo. If my back holds out.

Blueberry felt sorry for the Canadians after their miraculous loss to the U.S. in hockey a couple of days ago, so she put on her Canada sweatshirt. She is mimicking the look on the Canadian coach's face when he realized they had lost.


Louise said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you got it figured out. I love, love, love wearing my baby, it's the only way anything ever gets done around here. I have a moby which might work well for you when Blueberry's bigger because it distributes the weight more easily. I wore Fiona in hers until she was over a year old (only stopped because I was pregnant).

Amacrine said...

I never tried the sling. I wanted a K'Tan, but bought a Moby wrap because it was cheaper in the store. I love it. I wrap her to me all the time. She can now do forward facing and she really likes that. The only drawback is that it is kind of a pain to put on. I am glad you have it figured out, though, since it does make things easier.

Tara said...

Yay for slings! I loved mine too. And it's great to see a young fan of the Canada hockey team. I hope we beat you guys tomorrow!!!!