Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blueb Jeans

As long as I can remember pre-motherhood, there were two baby things I could not resist. Baby feet, and baby jeans. When I would meet a new baby, I would be compelled to touch his/her feet. I don't mind if you find that strange. And when it was time to give a baby shower gift, more often than not, I would give baby jeans. I loved that they are so small and thick that you can't fold them, and I loved the absurdity of putting jeans on a baby. Jeans are durable, originally meant to be used as work pants, and babies are not likely to engage in activities that require jeans. And if you look sideways at something absurd, it can be cute.

An interesting thing happened with the baby feet: When Blueberry was born, I did notice her feet, and how cute they were. Exhibit A:

But suddenly I didn't care about baby feet any more than any other thing that came along with her, such as baby elbows, baby belly buttons, and baby sneezes.

But jeans! I still have a thing for baby jeans! Grandma Spupspe gave her two pairs, one for 6-9 months, and one for 9-12. But none for right now. I was tired of waiting, so on Saturday, Stanley took care of Blueberry and I went on a much-needed excursion to have lunch with a friend, and to shop, and I found myself at the kids' clothing store, which is way more interesting to me now, and I unwisely spent $12.50 on these:

GAAAAAAH!!!!! SO ABSURD!!! SO POINTLESS!!! SO CUTE!!! The smallest jeans she will ever fit into: 0-3 months. She had to lay down to get them on this morning. But they fit! I chose a casual t-shirt to go with them, and made sure I wore something that complimented her outfit, and we were ready for our closeup.

It was not easy to get this picture. Blueberry cooperated fully, but her mother had issues. Here's a failed attempt that I'm posting because despite its crappiness, I like it. It shows off my nurturing motheriness.

Yep. That is the type of mother I am. Blueberry, if you're reading this, many years in the future, this is what you endured. Thank you for your patience and resilience. I did the best I could. I love you.

Since we're having a fashion show, I might as well show you the adorable sweater given to Blueberry by my sister-in-law (Stanley's brother's sister, who also happens to be named Hazel*). I could have posted this the other day, but for obvious reasons, did not. But today's post seems to be appropriate for it.

Blueberry just loves it.

*Names changed.


Amacrine said...

Iris will be wearing her first jeans on Friday for a belated GO TEXAN Day. I am still searching for a little gingham top to go with it. Blueb looks adorable and is even cte when she cries! Come see me. amisms (I like it)

Tanya Cothran said...

I LOVE baby sneakers - like baby converse! They are so cute and a pink pair would go well with those stylish baby jeans. :) I like the hand in the camera picture.