Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter '10

I know Easter was a whole week ago but I wanted to share ours with you.

This was the first holiday in which Hazel felt pressured to dress up Blueberry for the occasion, take pictures, and share those pictures with the world. It's a rite of passage, I guess. Here is Blueberry in her Easter outfit.

I must again stress that this expression means she is generally happy. I have a lot of other photos that I took right after this one in which she is unhappy. I'm only posting the happy one here.

We had six friends over for Easter dinner. Here are half of them.

The dinner was a group effort and was really quite delicious. Roast leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, asparagus, and wild rice salad.

I loved the roasted parsnips. I generally have not enjoyed parsnips before, in fact I have alwasy found them disgusting, but I was surprised that these were really delicious. Our friend Jorge* (pronounced "George") made them and that reminds me that I need to find out his technique. The veggies were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and had just the right amount of oil. And did I mention that the parsnips tasted good? I don't understand it.

Spring is here, the sap is running, and so the sawed-off limb of the birch tree is oozing. And the butterflies love it.

*Names changed.

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Geoff Hart said...

The picture of Aubrey look like an old fashioned painting with the deep red back ground. Very cute!

Thanks for hosting the dinner. It was fab!