Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hazel Has Created a Monster

It's getting easier to capture Blueberry's smiles.

It's baseball season, apparently, so we've put the Astros uniform into the rotation. And judging by the look on her face, the Astros aren't doing too well.

In other news, I've been sewing. Here's one of my first completed projects. It's a monster. All it needs is a mouth. Or not.

I will remove the eyes before letting Blueberry play with it.

What's that you're screaming? Why did I make this hideous thing? Ah. Well a while back I wanted plum-colored flannel sheets for our bed. So I ordered these from

They turned out to be fleece, not flannel, which was plainly stated on the website, but I was thinking flannel when I read fleece. Pregnancy brain. Also, they were advertised as plum, but they are about as purple as purple comes. Not the effect I wanted at all, but we tried them anyway, and that was a hellishly staticky experience. I was very pregnant at the time, and my efforts to roll over in bed were made even less enjoyable by the static sparks. Definitely the most uncomfortable sleeping situation I have ever experienced. Okay, maybe some camping trips were worse.

I didn't want to donate the sheets to GoodWill or someplace like that and make someone less fortunate even less fortunate, so I decided to use them in sewing projects. I made diaper liners:

Granted, one can hardly call this a sewing project because there was no sewing involved. That's the beauty of fleece; it doesn't unravel, so no hemming. The diaper liners are great for wicking away moisture and since Blueb started using fleece liners in every diaper she hasn't been bothered by diaper rash. I only had a few to start with, in the expected white color, and I would always run out of them before washing, but now I have more than I need. And they were free! Well actually they were quite expensive. But it was fun making them.

But I still had a lot of sheet left over. So I created a monster, and used the remainder of the fitted sheet to stuff him. It was supposed to look more like these but I'm an amateur so what do you want.

So that takes care of the fitted sheet. I still have to do something with the flat sheet and two pillowcases. I may make a family of monsters. If you have any other ideas, do let me know. For example, would anyone like some diaper liners?

In my last post, I went off about some roasted parsnips we had for Easter dinner. I've been asked to share the cooking method once I find out what it is. It turns out to be from Chef Jamie Oliver. Click here for the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Curious why he leaves the paper on the garlic cloves...
How about pillow cases? or a pair of those pants that you have made before?

Amacrine said...

The thought of fleece sheets leaves me sweating. And the static! I have drastically cut down on the dryer sheets since starting the cloth diapers and static already haunts me. However, diaper liners sound great. I always seem to have an abundance of fabric and few ideas. I just cut up a chenille sweater and made burp cloths. They are very absorbant. Double sided as they will unravel. That is, sewn together and inverted. The monster is cute. phinsh

Louise said...

Your monster is so cute! I love his little arms most of all He looks like he's just asking for a cuddle.

Hazel Spupspe said...

Anonymous: Good question. Maybe because the garlic isn't going to be eaten anyway so why bother with fully preparing it?

Amacrine: They weren't any warmer than flannel; it's a thin fleece, only fleecy on one side and plain on the other. Great idea to make burp cloths.

Louise: Glad he's not too scary-looking.

Tanya Cothran said...

How about using the top sheet for a campfire blanket? It would be cozy and warm, although the fleece might pick up all the leaves and dirt from the ground, so maybe not.

I think it's a good idea to get Aubrey used to the idea of nice purple monsters now, so they don't seem scary later when she reads "Where the wild things are" for example.