Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Incomplete Summary of What's Happening with Hazel Lately

The in-laws are arriving tonight and they aren't privy to Hazel's House Blog and I'd like to keep it that way so if I don't blog right now it will be a while. I think about blogging all the time but it doesn't happen. I have a similar experience blogging to that of my friend Amacrine* (see her blog "blackbirdnight" at the right), who stated in her last post that she gets ideas for blog entries and the ideas disappear by the time she gets to the computer. But I do have a few things to share.

Yesterday Blueberry and I had our friends Lucille* and Tori* and Lucille's baby Almond* over for tea. It was delightful.

Tori used to live in Minnesota but moved away in December, so Blueberry hadn't met her yet, but no doubt remembers hearing her voice at all those camping trips last summer.

See the Strawberry on Blueberry's rear? That was no accident!!! Her (real) name pretty much rhymes with Strawberry, so when I can dress her in a strawberry-themed outfit I am the happiest girl in the world. On a similar vein, as you may know, her middle name is Violet, and I like playing up this fact in the random choices I have to make for her. Such as, should I get the green pants or the purple pants? Well, obviously! The purple! And this week, while Blueberry and I were out walking, I plucked a violet from the alley and stuck it behind her ear.

We're trying to take advantage of every nice day that comes along. The other day we spent the afternoon under a shade canopy I made by plunging sticks into the ground and draping a scarf.
It was terrific. We chatted, we had a couple of meals, we slept, we adjusted the canopy as necessary, we listened to the birds. A perfect afternoon.
That shade canopy reminds me of this photo of a darling nursery that I saw on a blog; it was either design*sponge or decor8 (see links at the right).

I really like how nothing screams "baby" but everything looks sweet. And it made me add a tent to the list of items I want to sew. How hard could it be?

Speaking of sewing, that's going really well and I'm enjoying it, and I'll write about it someday. But right now I have to prep for the in-laws.

Letter Bonanza 2010 Update: It's the 24th of April and I've sent 8 letters. A bit behind my goal of one letter per day. It's not likely that I will succeed in sending 30 letters, mostly because the in-laws are in town until May 4th, and I don't see myself taking the time to write letters while they are here. But I'm not going to rule it out. That would be crazy.

*Names changed.


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scrabble delux!

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