Monday, October 31, 2011

Blueberry's 2nd Halloween

I wasn't going to do a costume this year, yet Blueberry ended up with not one, but THREE costumes.

Costume #1

I just recently organized her clothes and fortuitously found this at the back of a drawer just in time for Halloween. Our friend Sally* gave it to her last year, after Halloween, for use during this Halloween, and now it fits her, so this was her first costume of the day. It's a cute costume. How do I know it's a cute costume?  Because it says "cute costume".

Costume #2

I knew from trying the cape on her as I was making it that she was not going to want to be dressed up in a costume, and I was right. It helped a lot that Daddy was enthusiastic about it when he got home from work, and there was just enough light left outside to get some pictures. She tolerated the cape just fine, but did not want to hold the basket of food for Grandma.

Here she is trying to get Daddy to take it off her hands.

Finally rid of that stinking basket:

She was fine with pushing it in the sled, so that's how the basket got on its way to Grandma's house.

In a strange plot twist, she stopped to do some digging. Totally off task. No basket in sight. Never send a 21-month-old to give food to Grandma.

Costume #3

Blueberry came up with this one on her own:

It's quite obviously the asylum doctor from the Eifman ballet "Don Quixote or The Fantasies of a Madman".

I hope your Halloween was terrific!


Tanya Cothran said...

All the costumes are SO cute! Great job getting her in the red riding hood costume. I guess trying to off-load the basket is the whole point of the grandma mission, anyway. And Don Quixote, she's so advanced with her literary references! Remind me to ask her about Proust next time I see her. :)

Lois Rosewood said...

LOL !!