Sunday, October 16, 2011

News and Photos

What the Spupspes are up to:

This past Friday we bought a new (to us) car. Our Honda Civic is terrific - 40+ mpg, and runs great. But it has only two doors and Hazel was getting tired of squeezing herself in and out of the back seat to get Blueberry in her car seat. Our Chevy truck is also terrific - you can put lots of stuff in it and take the stuff from one place to another. It gets 9 mpg. Or maybe I'm remembering wrong and it's 16. Nine is in the Hummer range and I don't think it's that bad. Let's say the truck gets 9-16 mpg.

So we decided to buy this:

Mazda 2005 MPV LX
6 cylinder with tow package.
109,000 miles
3rd row
New transmission, battery and water pump 2009

And we love it!

Does anyone want a mid-90s white Chevy S10 pickup? Then you can be the truck people. We enjoyed being the truck people for a while.

Here's Blueberry giggling with her friends in the hammock on a recent camping trip:
I love watching her enjoy the company of her peers.

Here she is again, an especially sweet pic taken by my friend Lucy* (as was the above shot). I think this was a couple of months ago. I could photoshop out the graham cracker goop on her chin but I will not.

All is going well with the gestation of Blueberry's brother. 

My friend Kate* visited today and while she played with Blueberry I baked a butterscotch applesauce cake to have with our tea. It was scrumptions. Yes that's a typo but I like how it turns scrumptious into a noun so I'm leaving it. The cake is a perfect way to celebrate fall and it's quick and easy and ready in half an hour.  Here is the recipe. I left out the pecans, raisins, and white sugar and I think it was better this way - still pretty sweet but not overly so. Sorry no photo.

Other news: last night was Blueberry's first night in her toddler bed, which she can get in and out of it as she pleases. It was not an uneventful night - I think we will leave her bedroom door closed from now on so she doesn't wander around the house crying when she wakes up at 3:30 a.m. But for naps, it will be nice for her to be able to wake up and come out to see me rather than call me and wait for me to come get her. She likes her new bed and didn't give me any trouble when it was time to lay down and go to sleep.

Hope you are all 
enjoying your fall.
If not, that's a shame.
This poem is lame.


Sue said...

Oh my! A toddler bed! My how the future seems to arrive earlier and earlier all the time.

Hazel Spupspe said...

And yet, the past revisits - she was up crying at 1:30.

Lois Rosewood said...

Cool car! And I think the photo of Blueberry with her friends is really sweet too.

Louise said...

Nice car! I am also partial to mazdas :-) And what cute pictures :-) ;-)

The toddler bed transtition may well have ups and downs. Fiona did great at first because she was excited, then the growing pains came when the novelty wore off. But Blueberry is a particularly awesome little girl, so she might just be cool with it :-)