Monday, October 6, 2008

Chickens and Chick Flicks

In a comment on yesterday's post, The Chicken Lady* suggested that one way I can avoid throwing out egg cartons is by getting chickens. When we went to Stanley's cousins wedding in Denver this past August, I met his other cousin Travis*, who had several chickens. I think he had driven them some long distance; not too sure. They were cute and made adorable noises and didn't mind being held. I felt drawn to them. Must be in our genes, Chicken Lady! But are chickens allowed in my back yard? I looked up the local ordinances and while I didn't find an official document describing the rules for keeping chickens, I did find a description on a non-government site. It said that for my city, a bloke "can have one chicken without a permit, but more than one you have to get permission from 75% of neighbors 150 ft. around, or proof you have no neighbors for 150 feet. No roosters, and no selling eggs without a permit." Fair enough. I will give the eggs away. Or trade them for gold and treasury bonds.

In my search for the local laws, I came across a (~10-minute) youtube video that documents the difficulties one guy had when he tried to find out whether he could have chickens in Chicago.

I also came across this awesome video.

If I have to watch one more rabbit fight in my back yard, I'll go nuts! I gotta get me some chickens.

I'm not sure what to do with the chickens when it gets too cold. Eat them? I hear they taste like rare and questionable delicacies.

I was a bit surprised to learn that there is another presidential debate tomorrow (Tuesday). Already! I haven't fully digested the last debate! I plan to liveblog it again. Why stop now? 9 p.m. MJB and Biden time. 8 p.m. Hazel and Amacrine time. 7 p.m. McCain time. 6 p.m. Chicken Lady, Jasmine, and Lotus time. 3 p.m. Obama and Palin time.

Stanley is out of town (not sure what town) at a departmental retreat. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've had the house to myself overnight since we moved in over a year ago. I'm trying to take full advantage of it. I've got a horrible chick flick playing right now: Dancing at Lughnasa, starring an underused Meryl Streep. Just really terrible. Painfully touching and cloyingly dramatic. I'm enjoying it. But I miss Stanley a little bit. Earlier this evening I tried to open a jar of pickled beets which I planned to put in a spinach salad. For the first time in my adult life, I needed someone to open a jar for me because I wasn't strong enough. I pride myself in not needing a man to open a jar for me, but I put all my strength into this one and used several tools but it just wouldn't budge. I was kind of getting angry and sad. But then I opened it. Independent reputation intact.

Just now on the phone I made tentative plans to entertain our friends Mike* and Carolyn* tomorrow night. Mike helped Stanley brew the latest beer, a Toasted Oat Cream Ale, and he's also going to help with bottling. Carolyn is the friend that I do the frozen meal prep with, and we're going to cook one of them up.

Yay the movie is over.

*Names changed.


MJB said...

Dear Abby,

Love ya, love your show.

This comment has nothing to do with the "Chickens..." blog entry.

My thoughts are RE: your cake entry.

I was watching another cake bake show on WE TV. I'm not sure if the show was called "meet the cake divas" or "amazing wedding cakes". But I was again struck at how these cakes looked. They were multi-leveled cakes constructed with almost fake looking segments that were perfectly smooth and could be easily handled by the bakers with bare hands without deforming the shape or the "frosting" (which looked more like plastic or latex). They even appeared to have to hammer dowel rods in to keep it together. I thought that maybe they just decorate fake cakes for the show, then give the customer a "real" version. But then, at the end, something amazing happened...they cut the cake! It WAS real!!! OMFG!!

So now i want to know what is the initial frosting/coating? Its like cake primer and seems really thick and stable. Here are some photo links for examples.

I'm also curious what the actual cake is like and if it tastes good, or are these style cakes just for show?

Please help!
-- cornfused

Hazel Spupspe said...

Dear Confused,

I know that one!!!!!! It's FONDANT! It's FONDANT! Accent on the FON! I'm not sure what makes it have that texture, but it's totally edible, just a little more chewy than regular frosting; kind of like raw pie dough, but better. Probably the most popular frosting for wedding cakes, but also kind of expensive. I went with buttercream. More lumpy but just as delicious.