Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Live Debate Blogging III: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

8:00 I'm nervous again. Why do I get nervous for these things?? Tonight we've got a total of five people watching.
8:02 Jorge* is wearing his bracelet. Too.
8:03 Tom Brokaw is nervous?
8:04 Excellent question.
8:05 Kind of sucks but I have to pause to take some cinnamon rolls out of the oven.
8:09 Didn't they put a 35-year-old in charge of the bailout fund? Silly. Rolls not warm yet.
8:12 He was totally going to say "fundamental" and he stopped himself. Don't drink.
8:13 It's an infinite meanwhile regress.
8:14 Obama's actually explaining how the economic crisis can lead to personal crisis. Excellent.
8:15 Rolls should be hot; gotta check.
8:19 I just can't comprehend a trillion. Sorry.
8:20 I have to be honest; I'm distracted and not really listening. It might be boring. Annoying because they are talking about something really important.
8:26 The rolls were FANTASTIC. Also, kudos to Obama for actually ranking the issues as requested.
8:28 I can't believe Brokaw has had to repeat the rules so much. I can't believe I haven't listened to one whole answer yet. Just too much going on in Hazel's House right now.
8:31 Right after 9/11, when Bush told me to shop, I was totally on board. Whatever my President tells me to do, I'll do it, if it helps America. I feel different now.
8:34 I believe the phrase is "pretty high OFF the hog", not "ON the hog". Joe Six-Pack he ain't.
8:35 I'm not too sure about what I wrote at 8:34.
8:36 Everyone in the room thinks McCain's lying about Obama's taxes on businesses.
8:37 Nice of Obama to yield to the moderator.
8:39 Oh I guess he didn't yield after all.
8:44 Pretty much can't hear anything from the TEEvee because of the animated political discourse here in the living room.
8:45 I like how he pointed out that even though the climate (or was it the economy?) is a crisis, it's also an opportunity. Which reminds me that I've been wishing that Obama would get on a stump and fill us with hope and inspire us a little bit, like he used to. Be positive. Make us feel proud and resolved.
8:47 Should we do nuclear energy research...in our garages? Oh yes indeedy.
8:49 Yes, I believe health care should be treated as a commodity. Next question.
8:51 Let's do everything to change health care except give people more access to health care.
8:54 Earlier a blogger I read wrote "8:30 PM ... This debate's so boring I don't even know what to tell the staff to upload to youtube."
8:58 Come on. Say something insightful, inciting, inviting, invoking.
9:01 I'm glad he brought up the whole "Obama doesn't understand" thing and turned it on its head.
9:03 Take the Congo. Or take Rwanda. Please.
9:04 OOH! Check out the blond guy in the dark suit in the back with the porn mustache and the lime green tie.
9:06 McCain says we need someone with a cool hand. He doesn't strike me as such a person.
9:16 Yes mjb I can see how the town hall format would appeal to a politician. Sound bites. Jab jab jab. Repeat repeat repeat.
9:21 This debate is like an intermission in the middle of a horror film.
9:27 The horror film in this metaphor represents the state of the economy this week.
9:28 I do believe the audience is doing the wave.
9:29 YAY last question!! Go Peggy. Go Peggy.
9:32 "What I don't know is what the unexpected will be." Didn't Confucius say that?
9:33 Basically, he's saying "I don't know the future." That's a safe answer. I think I'll use that in a job interview for the weakness question. "My greatest weakness is that I don't know the future."
9:34 WOW that was awkward. Brokaw barking at McCain, "You're in the way of my script!" and McCain trotting out of the way. Actually kind of running a little. Brokaw just made an old man run.
9:36 I don't think I even want to watch that moment again on youtube.
9:38 Changed title to more accurately reflect the debate. I had heard it would be a "Character Assassination" but it was more like a nap.
9:39 TTFN

*Names changed.


MJB said...

Hazel S: "ZZZZZZ"

Me: I know! GAWD!

Now I know why McSame loves these town-halls so much. They are slow and boring...like other stuff old people like.

Repetitive too. This could have taken 5 minutes.

MJB said...

watching the focus group reactions.
when McCain talked about buying up the mortgages to help home buyers, the Republican opinion took a nose-dive.

loved the way McCain answered the audience question about how to be energy independent and promote green jobs, he said "nuclear plants...and lots of them!" great answer to someone who asked about "green".

oh and about the "character assassination" .... they are speculating that since McCain didn't keep up the attacks like the rest of his campaign, he's actually embarrassed by his own (campaign's) tactics.

MJB said...

one more from the post-game shows...

several people are remarking how McCain looked almost annoyed. I just figured he always looked like a grumpy old man, but it seems to have been noticeable to many. supporting evidence:
- McCain campaign apparently sent out a letter of complaint (email I think, to who?) before the debate was even over, complaining that it wasn't really a "town hall".
- McCain left almost immediately after the end. Obama stayed 20-30mins to talk to the people.
- They say he looked physically awkward walking around (again, I think this is just his normal gait) and was "aggressive" (again...to me, normal), almost bitchy.

I'm wondering if he's losing his desire a little with this whole thing. Bad chance to win, extremely low approval party incumbent/lame duck, idiotic moron as running mate, mud slinging, lying.... If he really is the stand up guy people say he is, maybe he's fed up. Then again, I seem to remember people saying the same thing in the primary. Then again -again- did Huckabee or that mormon guy ever really have a shot?

Sorry, my comment is almost like a live blog of the post-game analysis.


Who are these people who are still undecided? Lets just vote already.

MJB said...

oh and one more thing that I forgot about...related to post-game shows...

After the Biden/Palin debate, Palin did so swell that her pundits (like Hannity and such) took a new way to spin what she "said"....or SHOULD HAVE! They pseudo-analyzed her comments by going through, 1 by 1, and saying how she should have answered each thing...as if that is what she said...while ignoring what she actually said.

Leave it to the Right Wing to feel the need to coddle and protect their helpless women from scrutiny while the real Men put words in her mouth. Unfortunately for McCain/Palin, its probably in the best interest of their campaign that she isn't allowed to do much talking....and not because the mean ol' left wing media elites are such meanies...but because she sounds ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I actually got out of bed for that? I ended up sorting through 14 years (you heard me) of recipes and making a darn cute loose-leaf-in-3-ring-binder cookbook during the debate. I am glad someone noted the important points for posterity.