Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Shot at Live Debate Blogging Tonight

I doubt anyone was watching my blog while I typed out my thoughts during last week's debate, but I'm going to do the live blogging again anyway because it was fun. Amacrine, sorry you missed it; I had sent you an e-mail earlier in the day to give you a heads-up, just in case you were interested, but if you didn't get the e-mail then we're going to have to figure out what happened. MJB, set an alarm for 9 p.m. Eastern time (8 Central, 6 Pacific. Hmmm. I don't think I have any readers in Mountain time. If I do, I apologize for not including your time zone in this announcement. It's just that I am in a hurry to get to work.)

To whet your appetite for the impending train wreck tonight, here's a five-minute clip of Sarah Palin's greatest hits. It starts off kind of weird, but don't worry, it's the right video.


MJB said...

MJB's Top 2 hilarious things from the video list:

#2. (3:50-4:35) the part where she gets asked about her requests to study seals and crabs...right after she got caught being hypocritical on other earmark-related things, suggesting that her requests and ones like them are OK if they're above board without lobbyists...says, "oh yeah, we paid $30,000 to a lobbyist to get that funding....Alaska is like 3000 miles away!" Approximately only 5 seconds after she said that was the only way her earmarks could be perceived as bad.

#1. (5:00-5:14) the look on Katy Couric's face as she looks away when after asking about news sources 3 times Palin starts explaining how Alaska isn't a foreign country.


Palin's biggest accomplishment this campaign: making Katy Couric look like a real journali

Amacrine said...

I did get the email, Hazel, just late because I got off work early and went straight to the bar. You see, I work 3-11pm, so I miss happy hour. On the rare days I work in the a.m. I meet a friend for happy hour, and that generally turns into really happy night. And it did. I will be watching tonight, however, and keeping up with the blog.