Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Live Blog of the Harpooning Debate: Bidin' and Impalin'

7:50 Considering changing the title of this entry to a less obscure, less painful, less punny one.
7:53 I think I'm more nervous for this debate than for the last one, probably because of the huge uncertainty factor. Will Biden offend feminists? Will Palin get caught in an infinite loop of blather?
7:54 Getting on Facebook for the 214th time today.
7:59 On way to Facebook, saw on Yahoo! News that psychics say stars are not aligned for Palin. Even the psychics are in on the "lower their expectations" strategy. Must remember to look up how much money psychics have donated to her campaign. Also, what legislation has she passed that has benefited psychics.
7:59 Changed spelling of "benefitted" to "benefited".
8:01 Annoying, tell-them-what-to-think pre-game show from Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw.
8:03 Kind of weird open-mike moment. "Hey, can I call you Joe?" How adorable.
8:06 She keeps repeating the word "fear". It makes me feel afraid. Suddenly I feel like voting Republican.
8:08 Biden is pointing out relevant facts. Palin is appealing to emotions like patriotism and fear.
8:12 Biden is repeating John McCain's name and going after him, almost like Palin isn't there. I read several articles that suggested that would be a good strategy. Palin is focusing on McCain, too.
8:12 They told her to say "darn right" as often as she could. It's so cute and spunky.
8:14 Her strategy might be to say "well I don't want to talk about that, I want to talk to the American people about (whatever they crammed her with in the last few days)"
8:21 So far, no train wreck.
8:22 It's SO weird how good Tina Fey's impression is.
8:24 Biden is amused and confused. And mildly entertained.
8:26 "Rear that head of abuse"? Yikes.
8:27 I predict "Main-Streeters" will be one of the "words of the year".
8:29 Palin looks really nervous and intense.
8:30 Oh boy climate change (munches popcorn).
8:31 We have to drill for more oil, and we have to clean up the planet. Hmmm....
8:32 OOH. Biden was coached not to use her first name. Perhaps because that seems too familiar and disrespectful? But yet she can call him Joe.
8:34 She used the words "hungry" and "raping" when describing clean energy. Lots of emotive words.
8:37 She thinks homosexuality is a choice.
8:39 I guess it's still too risky to support gay marriage.
8:40 Let me just point out that nobody votes to stop funding the troops. When funding for the war decreases, they don't stop feeding the troops. They might stop passing out candy to the occupied kids, though.
8:42 "Governor?" "Um....."
8:45 I wish my hair could do that.
8:47 Just now saw that mjb tried Facebook chat a half hour ago; put FB visible so I'll see it if it happens again.
8:48 If they can't pronounce "nuclear", they have no business with the nuclear codes.
8:50 I think I just accidentally deleted something on Facebook before I read it! GAAAH! Okay back on track. GAAAH WHAT WAS IT? Okay, let it go, que sera sera. GAAAH!
8:55 Just replied to mjb the instant after he went offline.
9:01 Starting to feel fatigued with the rapid fire.
9:02 Angsting about what I might have deleted on Facebook.
9:03 "Oh, man, it's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider and I just don't understand why you guys do stuff blah blah blah." I hate the airhead shtick. She's undermining my future.
9:06 I'm getting dizzy with her going back and forth between hockey mom and governor.
9:07 Nice question: "What if Obama was dead? What would you do then?" I guess it's a critical question but just kind of awkward. Good thing Obama isn't in the room.
9:09 Oh my God she winked as she described what she would do if McCain were dead.
9:10 WOW so many colloquialisms from Palin in 20 seconds I vomited.
9:14 Oh my God she's hitting her stride. She's really channeling "Tina Fey as Sarah Palin" right now.
9:18 I can't wait to hear what Biden says about his own lack of discipline.
9:22 Missed Biden's statement due to cat emergency.
9:25 When she gets "serious" she puts all the emphases ON the prepositions IN an effort to sound intelligent.
9:29 Such an honor FOR me.
9:32 Turn off the MIKES!
9:35 And..................spin.


MJB said...


MJB said...

she's totally ignoring the questions and just saying her prepared remarks

MJB said...

its odd how short and concise Biden's answers are and how long winded and shallow Palin's are.

Ok, so odd is the wrong word.

Amacrine said...

Okay, so I am over hating her accent and onto hating her "nucular." Why? She also referred to the Obama/Obiden ticket. Nice. And totally ignoring or deliberately not answering questions. Biden - had to do some back-pedaling. Ecgh.