Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bermet Living

Look at all the bermet! I happened upon this photo by pure chance in this blog about questionable home listings. That blogger was dismayed by the color choice and sheer volume of such, but I admire the audacity of whoever chose this design scheme. My mind reels thinking about what color furniture and accessories to fill it with. Obviously either neutral or....dare I think it....more bermet!!!! Check this out (it's on this page and is apparently from the anthropologie catalog):

Wow wow wow wow wow.

I'm going to post something soon that is not about bermet. But first, please admire this bermet stationery I bought on clearance at Home Goods today:

I needed stationery because I have to write to my Aunt Edna* and my only excuse for not doing so is that I didn't have any paper or notecards that I really liked. Now I do. It's by Vera Bradley and I think I like her (assuming she's a real person) company, after looking through the website to find a picture of this stationery. I much prefer buying her stuff a couple years after it comes out, at > 80% markdown.

So now I have stationery, so here I go writing. Yep. Writing that letter now.

While at the grocery store I picked up a particular item that I am really excited about. Two of them, in fact. Neither of them are bermet (woo hoo!). I'm going to use one or both of them for an utterly simple, incredibly inexpensive interior design project and then I'll post a photo and tell you all about it. I wish I could tell you right now but I don't like to talk about things I plan to do in the future, because if I don't end up doing them, I've written about it for no good reason. I shouldn't have told you I'm going to write to Aunt Edna. I can feel the pressure building. That will be followed by guilt, then lots of unnecessary food.

And speaking of unnecessary food, this is for Laura:


*Name changed because I know you would hunt her down and steal her identity or something.


MJB said...

the picture at the top looks pretty cool. only problem is i'd be afraid to put furniture in there out of fear that it wouldn't look as cool any more.

Lois Rosewood said...

mmm! Bermet cake!