Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was just reading through the blogs I like to read through every five minutes of my waking life, thinking about how I want to update my blog, when I decided to just update it and quit thinking about it. It's going on 8:00 a.m. and I don't have anything on the calendar today except a baptism at 1:00. I should mention that it's my baptism. Stanley is getting baptized as well. It's a prerequisite for becoming members of our church, and I read through the church's statement of faith and what baptism means to them, and it didn't offend me, and actually sounded kind of nice, so we're taking the plunge. Not literally. We're just getting sprinkled.

Remember the baptism scene in Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

I asked our pastor if we could have a baptism like that and she just laughed as though she thought I was joking.

Stanley mentioned the possibility of clothes shopping today, so I'm planning to hold him to it. I would like to buy another pair of high heels so I'm ready for the next high-heel party, whenever it may be.

Speaking of clothes, I am digging the whole Can Michelle Obama Single-Handedly Revive the Fashion Industry buzz. When she arrived at the President's Address to Congress this past week, I involuntarily uttered the word "Wow" in appreciation (rather than in a train-wreck sort of way). I just thought her dress was great.

I thought for sure someone must have a blog that chronicles everything she wears, and indeed they do. I added it to my blogroll on the right.

I've been really materialistic lately. Have you noticed? I like to think of it as sort of a rebellious expression of patriotic artistic consumption. A "REPAC", if you will pardon the acronym. And REPAC is CAPER spelled backwards, and capers make life and food more interesting and tasty, respectively. So that makes my materialism okay.

My sister's boyfriend's brother has been nominated by Obama as the Under-Secretary for Policy at the Department of Transportation. That makes me 112,459th in line for the presidency. I will not take this responsibility lightly.

Neither the aforementioned sister, whose pseudonym escapes my memory at the moment (edit: It's Lotus*. Thanks, Lotus!), nor my other sister, Janis/The Chicken Lady** have yet succumbed to Facebook. I'm just curious to know if they have decided against it, or if they are considering it, or if they have not yet considered it. In any case, it would be nice to keep in touch in that way if they are so inclined. If not, don't worry about it.

Have a great weekend!

*Name changed.
**Name changed and doubled.

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