Saturday, February 21, 2009

House Party

Tonight might be the night that I wear the shirt/dress/skirt/halter top/waffle maker/chimney broom all-in-one garment that I went off about in the last entry. I'm going to a High-Heel Party, the second of such parties that I have attended with this group of ladies since the year began. Okay, let's be succinct. It will be the second of such parties I have attended ever in my life, with anyone. Tonight the temperature is going to get down to 7 degrees F, which is about as cold as it was for the first party. The hostess smartly asks people not to wear their heels to the party, but rather to bring them and put them on upon arrival. I think it's the only way she would get anyone but the most moronic invitee to show up for a high-heel party at this time of year. My God, I can't wait for Spring.

These parties are fun. I'm not being sarcastic, even though the following description sounds like I might be. The evening involves sitting, sipping champagne, eating brie, chatting, and whipping out a new pair of shoes once in a while for the other guests to ooh and aah over. I had totally intended to buy another pair of shoes before tonight but it didn't happen. I feel that my shoes will be deemed sub-par. Perhaps I should walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Then I will know what it is to suffer.

My new favorite website: It's a huge marketplace for buying and selling handmade items. I had wished for a website like this and was so glad when I happened upon it. It has a lot of cool features such as many different ways to search for items: editor's picks, sellers who haven't sold anything yet (would be cool to be their first sale, esp if their stuff is great), items just listed in the last couple of minutes, and the requisite (and utterly useful) category/keyword search. I bought something from the site. Would you like to know what I bought? Okay I'll tell you.

Look how cute.

It's made from a Scrabble tile. I'm not sure which letter is on the back because I haven't received it yet. It was $13.00 plus $1 shipping. If you want a similar necklace (no two are alike, as far as I know), the one who made/sold it is "deciduoussoul". I like this necklace because of the following factors, conveniently lettered for easier reading.

A.) The house. It reminds me that I have a house, and a house blog. I like anything that reminds me of aspects of me. I like me. WOO, me.
B.) The tree. It kind of looks like it could be a birch tree and in fact, in the description, the artist says it's a birch tree. Ergo, birch tree. Just like the one we have in front of our house.
C.) It's got French on it for some reason. This reminds me of our trip to Paris.
D.) Is that bermet in the background? It seems more green than bermet but photos can lie, and it might turn out to be bermet in real life.
E.) It's on a Scrabble tile. Reminds me that I was once addicted to Scrabble (more precisely, Scrabulous) and overcame this addiction. This makes me proud.
F.) It's cute.

I have to get ready for the party so this will have to suffice for a blog post. Hope you're doing well. Miss you.

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Lois Rosewood said...

So many things to like in your new necklace! I like the way you listed them. miss you too