Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Going to Try Liveblogging for Tonight's Debate

As you may be aware, John McCain and Barack Obama will be debating tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific time. Just now I had a frivolous idea: I'm going to post my thoughts on the debate while I'm watching, and update the entry with each new post. I've seen other bloggers do this for events such as this. So I'm going to give it a shot.

Speaking of shots, I did a google search for McCain/Obama debate drinking games, and the following is an amalgamation of the best rules I found, and maybe a few of my own if I think of them while I'm writing. We don't plan to attend a debate party, but I may have a glass of wine or two, so I might as well play a drinking game.

Drink once each time:

1. Either candidate uses the word "change".
a. If Obama says it, before you drink, switch which hand you're holding your drink in.
b. If McCain says it, don't switch hands. Easy way to remember: McCain, more of the same.
2. McCain says "My friends".
3. Obama says "Look." (This really annoys me. But it effectively gets your attention and makes you put aside what he just said, and get ready to listen to what he's about to say. But it's still annoying.)
4. McCain uses the phrase his people coached him to repeat over and over. It may take a few minutes to figure it out, but it will happen.
5. Someone refers to McCain's heroism.
6. Someone says "Let me finish." Actually, if this happens, you must finish your drink.
7. Someone uses the word "bailout".
8. Someone either hints at or makes direct reference to McCain's age.
9. Someone refers to a past president other than Bush.
10. Someone uses a real person as an example, e.g., Molly Smith works 3 jobs so she can afford to pay for nursing home care for her blind grandmother and her grandmother's twin sister who is also blind.

Okay I need to get home so I can cook dinner, but first I want to practice the liveblogging. Here goes.

5:52 I'm looking out the window.
5:53 I think I'll have to post more recent thoughts on top so I don't have to scroll.
5:53 (still) I'm clicking "publish" after each line, in case you're wondering.
5:54 Yeah this might work.

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