Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain/Obama Debate Liveblogging

7:44 Got a pizza on the coffee table. Need some wine. Need to turn on the TV. Stanley's on his way home from happy hour. Apparently our friend Jorge* (pronounced "George") will be joining us as well. Yay. Debate party.
7:53 Got the wine. Still need to turn on the TV. Stanley still not home.
7:56 TV on. Plenty of channels to choose from. Hopefully it won't matter which channel. I just can't stand it when the commentators take over. Still no Stanley.
7:58 Wine poured. Here we go.
8:00 I'm nervous.
8:03 So nice to see them shake hands.
8:04 Eisenhower. Drink.
8:07 Jorge showed up with no Stanley.
8:08 They both sound cogent. (Late edit: I mean McCain and Obama. Not Stanley and Jorge.)
8:12 McCain jokes about his own age. Kudos to McCain. Drink.
8:14 Please say "fundamental" again.
8:15 Stanley showed up at 8:11.
8:16 Someone tell McCain that his VP nominee loves earmarks.
8:17 "To fill up on this gas that is killing them." Sounds odd.
8:20 Lehrer is like a marriage counselor.
8:21 "My friends"! Drink.
8:21 We should model ourselves after IRELAND?
8:23 Obama's quick.
8:25 I'm glad Obama is getting into detail about why he voted things down, annoyed by McCain's giggling.
8:30 The Little Combat Ship that Couldn't.
8:31 Obama called McCain "Tom". As in "Uncle Tom"?
8:32 Hmmmm. Spending freeze. Everything gets funded but defense. So no more education?
8:35 Obama took McCain's "who I'm fighting for" line.
8:37 Now he called him Jim. ???
8:40 Just say we won in Iraq and bring the troops home.
8:41 Pouring more wine. "Pizza Vino" 2004 California Cabernet. $2.99
8:48 Great discussion about Iraq. So nice to hear them talking at length about it. I'm not being sarcastic.
8:51 Stanley and Jorge are discussing the pros and cons of enlisting in the military.
8:53 I'm still worried about McCain's idea of freezing all spending except the military. What about science? How about welfare? What about disability payments?
8:56 Remember? Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb bomb Iran.
8:57 He also supported the War of 1812.
8:59 Real person example. Drink.
9:00 McCain thought bubble: "Damn. He has a bracelet from a military mom, too."
9:03 I want Lehrer to ask, "How can the U.S. win back our good standing in the world?"
9:06 "Iranically".
9:07 This wine is actually pretty good.
9:08 I think he mispronounced Ahmanijihad (sp?).
9:09 Nixon. Drink. (Probably others previously as well.)
9:10 Tea with Mahmoud.
9:12 That's below the belt. McCain just sort of fogged up on the whole Spain/Venezuela confusion. It's a common mistake.
9:13 Reagan. Drink.
9:15 My friend. Drink.
9:16 The polls. The checks. 2008 in review.
9:23 It's like the whole world is at war. We should call it World War I.
9:26 He almost called him "Genital Joe Lieberman"
9:26 I like the split-screen when they are both talking. Helps me follow what both of them are saying.
9:27 I'm sad that it's almost over. I'm not ready for the spin machine.
9:29 Could everyone please check their suitcases for nuclear weapons.
9:29 Yes! Our standing in the world! Glad he brought that up. Thank you. The rest of the world is important. What they think is important. Thank you.
9:30 I'm tired of McCain's condescending references to Obama's supposed lack of understanding.
9:31 "Look". Third time I've heard it. Drink three times.
9:33 Imagine if someone tuned in just as Obama said "I've got post-traumatic stress disorder and yet I can't get treatment."
9:34 McCain. Comparing. Obama. To. Bush.
9:35 Yay. A 72-year-old who doesn't need on-the-job training. What a time saver.
9:36 McCain mentions his time in prison. Drink. But only half a sip; he barely mentioned it, on his way to talking about something else.
9:37 Debate over. Obama won.
9:38 Spin cycle.
9:39 Don't let them tell you what happened.
9:40 I'm watching ABC and they just showed the 6 people that are going to weigh in, then went to commercial. It's going to be crazy.
9:48 Have a good night.

* Name changed.


MJB said...

Not only did I miss the live blog, I missed the debate! I took a "short" nap that lasted past 11. I don't know which one I regret missing more!

I'll be here for the next one!

Amacrine said...

I can't believe I missed this! Well, at least I got a fair and balanced recap. (I was at Volcano enjoying exotic drinks with my boss.)