Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nobody's Home

I submitted photos of the mystery bug to bugguide.net for an id request. I had done this about a year ago for what I learned was a globular springtail. Actually, millions of globular springtails, at our campsite. They were very very small, and didn't bite, and stayed on the ground, so they didn't annoy us nearly as much as the thousands of ticks. But look at me, digressing.

Click here to go to the page on the site where my id request is granted. Scroll down the page for the response.

Hannah, hello and thanks for the comment! I'm pleased you considered using my image for your lecture. Did anyone know what it was?

On another topic, I decided not to go to the RNC convention after all. No reason. Stupid anarchists. When did they get organized? I would like to have a word with their leader.

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