Friday, September 12, 2008

Beer Cuts Cake

Yay, my first free weekend in a while. I hope to do a lot of laundry and work in the yard. Stanley is brewing beer tomorrow: a Toasted Oat Cream Ale. Finally, a breakfast beer. I haven't decided whether to be involved in this batch. On one hand, it's fun to help and nice to feel entitled to some beer. On the other hand, I'm not really into beer. On the other hand, Toasted Oat Cream Ale sounds wonderful. Toast. Oats. Cream. Ale. Mmmmmm.

My sister Jasmine* came to visit last weekend. It was a good time. We did the farmer's market, cooked up some fabulous meals, went to the biggest neighborhood yard sale this side of the Mississippi: truly phenomenal, covering blocks and blocks, every other house participating. We also made stepping stones out of poured concrete. It worked out pretty well, I think.

Hey. Funny story. Remember when Jasmine came to visit in May of '07 and cut her finger really bad with a bread knife while slicing a ciabatta bun? I do. I blogged about it. Here's the photo.

Well. Despite the fact that her finger is still scarred and somewhat painful from that incident, serving as a reminder to be careful with sharp objects while visiting Hazel, Jasmine unfortunately cut herself with the kitchen shears.

She wasn't very happy about it. It bled pretty badly, but fortunately this time it didn't hurt as much.

Poor Jasmine.

Okay so I guess that wasn't a very funny story.

Thanks Matt for trying out the cake and posting a comment about it. We tried it, too, and had the same results: a spongy browny. Not that great, but if you really want chocolate cake fast, it might do. I probably won't make it again, because I found it nearly impossible to clean the nuked cake batter out of the coffee mugs. 3 scrubbings and twice through the dishwasher, and it's still there.

Good luck to you Texans tonight! I'm thinking about you and wishing there were some way I could help (on top of sending money to the Red Cross). I'll be hungry for news on how things went so if you can let me know, and aren't too busy, please get in touch.

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