Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

I'm a third of the way through the challenge! Its' been fun so far. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you want to see the full list of 30 questions again, it's in this post.

10.      Write 5 messages to 5 different people without using names.

  1. Hey! I've been wanting to thank you again for bringing to my attention that we have a DVR. I have lately been taking great advantage of it. I've been taping The Nate Berkus Show, which I only recently discovered as I watch very little TV. I watch it while Aubrey is napping and work on books at the same time. It's like a decorating magazine on tape. I also tape 60 minutes which has always been, and will always be, the greatest TV news show ever. And SNL, which always will be not as good as it used to be, but makes me laugh so that's okay. Also Antiques Road Show. I have many other things to thank you for as you are one of the most generous, thoughtful people I know.
  2. Well hello. How's it going? I was at the library today and was able to remember the author AND title of one of the books you listed as your favorite, Possession by A.S. Byatt. And they had it! So I took it! And now I have it! Will I read it? I hope so! Hope you're having fun at the festivals today! I consider the huge neighborhood yard sale a festival. :)
  3. Hello. I'm your neighbor. I want you to know that the other night, my husband and I went to our back yard to watch the fireworks show and due to the proximity of our homes we were practically forced to watch you cavort naked in your kitchen. Okay, you weren't exactly cavorting. You were looking in the fridge or doing something at the counter. I'm not really sure because I did not have the desire to continue looking so that I could deduce your exact activity. But please know that when we are in our backyard after dark, and the lights are on in your kitchen, we can see you quite clearly, even though when you look out your sliding glass doors, all you see is your own reflection. Some options to consider if you would like to avoid displaying your nudity are: wear a robe, wear pajamas, wear a chicken suit, put up some curtains or blinds, keep the lights low in your kitchen, or stay out of your kitchen. Thanks.
  4. What's shakin? I'm really enjoying the cloth diapers you gave us. Thank you so much for sending them. It's great to have a full supply of pocket diapers because they are easier to put on the Blueb than the pre-folds we were mainly using. And the animal print ones are so cute that I sometimes let her run around the house in them without putting pants on her. This usually works fine but sometimes she takes them off and that's a problem. She hasn't yet learned to take her pants off. Hope that never happens. Well I suppose it would be good if she learned that someday.
  5. Wow it's been a long time since we talked! Life gets in the way I guess. I'm thinking of you and I hope you and the husband and kids are well and happy. Weren't there some riots in your city a short while ago? Am I misremembering? That and the postal strike really cast your country in a new light for me, if that's not a mixed metaphor or something. You're really badass!


Giggles Murkowski said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment. Keep up the good work, I'm enjoying the challenge and the randomness of the topics.

Louise said...

I missed this one before, I'm glad I found it! Number 3 made me laugh, partly because I love the way you write and this story was very funny, and partly because you could be writing about me because I frequently cavort naked around the house naked and Ben has to remind me that people can see me...