Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

18. Name the thing you are scared of most.

My original plan for this post was to have the word: "CHUPACABRA!" and then a picture of a chupacabra. However, this plan was cancelled when I looked up images of this beast and found that it was indeed really effing scary. I couldn't bring myself to post an image like that on my precious House Blog.

So, the new thing that I am scared of most is:


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Louise said...

As Fiona would say... HOLY HONKERS! I googled chupacabra (how could I not) and it really is very scary! Although I guess you're more likely to meet an angry chihuahua (aren't they all?) so that's also quite scary. I'm going to google "cute kittens" now.