Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

12. Bullet your whole day.

Here are the highlights of a typical day. Hope you're sitting down because it's super exciting:
·        Around 6 AM, I wake up to sounds of Blueberry calling "Mommy? Mommy?"
·        Change a diaper, usually Blueberry's
·        Breakfast
·        Say goodbye to Daddy. After he leaves, Blueberry asks "Daddy?" and I say "Yeah, Daddy went to work."  She says "Bye Bye" and I say "yep, we said bye bye to Daddy." Then she makes snoring noises, which means, she thinks he's going to sleep at work. Maybe she knows something I don't know.
·        Get myself and Blueberry dressed. This takes FOREVER.
·        10:00 Snack
·        Go somewhere (the park, the zoo, run errands) or greet a friend for a playdate
·        12:00 Lunch
·        1:00 Nap (often for both myself and the Blueb. If I have the energy I sew books instead of nap. Hoping to get some energy back soon so that bookmaking can speed up again)
·        3:00 Blueberry wakes up from her nap. We have a snack and then play in the house or in the yard if it's nice, or run errands if necessary.
·        5:00 or 6:00 Daddy comes home from work/sleep and makes dinner. Blueberry asks if we are having chicken, then asks if we are having noodles, then asks if we are having ham.
·        6:30 Dinner
·        7:15 Bath
·        7:30 Post-bath dance performance by Blueberry
·        7:35 Read books or play with Daddy
·        8:00 Bedtime for Blueberry. Stanley and I usually watch TV and I sew books
·        10:00 Bedtime for grownups. Okay, 11:00. Okay, 11:30.


Lois Rosewood said...

It was fun to imagine Blueberry saying and doing the things you mentioned!

Giggles Murkowski said...

Does Blueb know about....ahhh...why you're tired?