Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30!!!!!

30. List everything in your purse right now.

I was about to list everything in my BIG purse but that's more of a diaper bag containing mostly things for Blueb. My actual purse is a little wristlet so let's take the easy route.

  • A wallet, which is a simple handmade fabric pouch with a snap that came along with a gorgeous handmade diaper bag that my friend Giggles Murkowski* gave me when I was pregnant with Blueberry. We usually use that diaper bag as a library book bag, but sometimes as a diaper bag when I want to streamline our trip and impress people with my wonderful style. 
  • medical insurance cards for me and the Blueb
  • driver's license
  • stamps
  • Java Train Cafe frequent diner card
  • debit card for our old bank (must cut up!)
  • debit card for our new bank
  • $50.25 cash
  • Herberger's receipt
  • Visa card
  • cell phone (the old kind, not a smartphone)
  • car key, house keys, and keys to unknown locks
  • lower case "e" keychain
  • green glass tile keychain
  • Rainbow grocery card
  • library card
  • Nelson Cheese and Deli frequent buyer card
  • key to the truck with a big green ribbon tied to it (must return to key box!)
  • pen
  • tin of Altoids smalls
  • bareMinerals lip gloss in Sangria - the only reason I ever go to Sephora and the most I have ever paid for a makeup item ($15). It's quite similar to the lip gloss I bought from a shop in Mendocino and wore on my wedding day. I asked the associate at Sephora to match it as closely as possible, and she did great. I love it and this is my third vial.
  • Kohl's credit card (must activate!), $20 Kohl's cash expiring this Sunday, and several "15% off entire purchase" Kohl's coupons which expire at various times, plus a coveted "20% off entire purchase" which expires next Wednesday, all wrapped in a rubber band. I plan to shop as soon as Stanley prints out and brings home the "$5 off purchase" coupon that arrived via email. Kohl's is going to pay me to take their merchandise.

Hooray! Done with the challenge! That was fun.

Things I gained from this challenge:

  • I forced myself to write less than I wanted to, which was good because I was able to get the posts out on time without too much stress.
  • I got into the habit of blogging and thought of a few topics I want to write about soon. We'll see if these posts materialize. For example, a sonogram should appear soon. By the way, we'll find out if Peachy* is a boy or girl next weekend!
  • I got to hear from many of you in your comments and email replies, and that was nice.
  • I got to think about myself a lot. I love thinking about myself.
*Names changed.


Louise said...

As Dora would say... "you did it, you did it, you did it, did it, did it!!"

Congratulations on making it 30 days! I have really enjoyed reading all of your entries.

Tanya Cothran said...

I was going to say "great job", but instead I'll say "congratulations, you completed the challenge" in light of our conversation yesterday! I enjoyed doing the challenge for the first half and then decided that it wasn't worth worrying over it when I didn't want to continue. Let's try it again some time, maybe vetting the questions, or making up our own questions/activities!

Giggles Murkowski said...

Nicely done. I would REALLY, *really* like to see you do the same thing - but answer the questions how you think a famous person would. For example: Einstein. Or Donald Trump. 30 is a lot though. But it would be interesting. I mean - can you just imagin what Einstein has in his purse?

Giggles Murkowski said...

....he might have some twine or wire. A good book - what kind of book...! Maybe even some paper... And no comb anywhere in sight.