Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

27. The last person who texted you. 

It was last May. I'm not a texter. We cancelled our unlimited texting to save money so now we only use it under special circumstances. It was from my niece, Terri* who lives in CA. We were in CA, driving up from the bay area to visit them and I had texted her to let her know we were close to their house so they could have the gate open for us. So she texted back, "Yeah! Do u need directions?"

At first I thought, nope! Then I thought, might as well call her just in case. Then I talked to her and learned to my horror and mild embarrassment that we were COMPLETELY on the wrong side of town, heading down the wrong 2-lane highway, in the opposite direction of their house. I just got it mixed up in my head and I was overconfident because we had been there before and I grew up in that tiny town, for pete's sake. 

*Names changed.