Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

29. Someone’s Facebook status you can always count on to annoy you.

Well hell-O downer question! I already mentioned the types of Facebook statuses that annoy me as part of my answer to Day 1's question, and I see no point in picking on a particular person (it wouldn't be you). So I'm going to hijack today's question and instead write about a subject that I find much more positive and uplifting. It's a nonprofit organization directed by my friend Kate* called Spirit in Action (SIA). SIA gives money to people in Africa to help them start a business. Check out that link for a great website and especially the blog that Kate writes about the good things that are being done with the donations. You can also like SIA on Facebook for inspirational quotes and updates.

At a Spirit in Action party/benefit this past Saturday Kate asked me to tell everyone why I chose to give, and this is the gist of what I said:

There are four main reasons that I give to Spirit in Action.

1. Long-term approach: Spirit in Action goes beyond feeding the hungry to planting seeds in communities for future development and prosperity. The grants are given to the poorest households in a community who have the most skills and potential for success in business.

2. Freely given: It's wonderful that these are grants, not loans. I also like the stipulations that go with the grant. It makes good business sense that a certain percentage of profits gets reinvested in the business, and that the business owner pays it forward in their community when they are successful. It's yet another way to spread prosperity in the community.

3. No preaching: I really like the non-evangelical approach to passing the spirit of God through good works. The grant recipients aren't required to express or change their religious stance.

4. Bona fide: I feel like it's an advantage that I know Kate, and that she has firsthand knowledge of where the donations are going. Sometimes I worry about other nonprofit organizations because I can't see behind the scenes to know for sure that my gift is being used for good.

In short, I get a strong positive feeling about Spirit in Action every time I talk to Kate or read about it, and that's why I felt moved to donate. You can donate by going to my blog (if you're not there already), and finding the Spirit in Action donation form on the right side of the blog. Or, donate through the Spirit in Action website.

*Names changed.

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Tanya Cothran said...

Amen! Way to turn a downer into an upper!